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Michaela, one of the owners, has been in the grooming field for over 15 years. She owned a professional grooming salon in Rhode Island for years before purchasing what was formerly called Normandie Kennels. As an owner of a Standard Poodle, English Setters she shows, and multiple mixed breeds in the past, she knows just how important it is to differentiate each breed’s individual grooming style. Whether your dog just needs a standard trim or a breed-specific cut, she has experience in it all.

Michaela, herself, has trained one of our long-time employees, Calan, who picked up the talent like he was born to do it! Calan's artistic side makes it easy for him to make your dog's personality shine through their haircut. 

While we cannot give you an exact price quote over the phone, we can give you an estimate price range of what it would be to groom the size and breed of dog you own! Please call to make an appointment and get an estimate soon. We book out around a month in advance, so call today! 

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