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Our Story

What started off as a passion for our own fur babies has led to a fulfilling career we enjoy each and every day. Professional, and highly experienced, groomers are always on hand to make your pups look incredibly cute. As for boarding, we are always loving your fur babies and making them feel comforted while you are on vacation. With our home right next door to the kennels, you can travel comfortably knowing your pet is being well taken care of. Comfort, happiness, cleanliness and perfection are just a few of our many goals as we treat all of your pets as our own while they are under our care. We are always willing to listen to each individual owner’s and pet’s needs, just as we would hope for if we were in our client’s position. We are very loved and popular in the area, so please call ASAP to inquire and book for our services. We book up extremely quickly! Thank you for considering us to have the privilege of taking care of and grooming your pet!

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